How to Create a Custom-made Baseball Pennant

Pennants are flags or clothes used in baseball games to show who won the league. It is also known as the flag of the league. When the pennant is held up, people think this pennant means that the team will win or has won the baseball game. In many cases, the teams have made it to the playoffs today.

It’s a great idea to use custom-made baseball pennants for promotional purposes. They’re used to draw attention to product displays in supermarkets and sporting events, among other places. You’ll notice them in neighborhood restaurants and vehicle lots. They’re great for both general branding and sponsorship branding, and they’re available in a variety of sizes.

In Baseball, What Is a Pennant, and How Does It Help the Team?

Baseball Pennant

A pennant is a flag that is usually used to show support for a certain sports team. Pennants are utilized in various sports for a long time. Historically, pennants were made of felt and made in the colors of a certain team. In baseball, Premium Single Felt Pennants are a type of custom-made pennant that is made to look like a real one.

How to Make Your Custom-made Baseball Pennants

Make your custom-made baseball pennants with graphics design software (Silhouette studio, fiver, canvas, etc.).

Draw a triangle as a guide on the design template to help you figure out what to do. The triangles could be 6 inches tall and 13 inches long. They may also be of a different shape.

The wording and spacing were then worked out. If you’re using Silhouette Studio, click weld to make the letters taller. Then, for each letter, adjust the height. To avoid wasting any heat transfer vinyl, try to fit as much as possible on the page. Because welding is simple, you can remove the triangle to avoid those cuts.

When you look at your screen, move the first pennant to create more space on your current page. The three pennants should fit on a single page if you turn one of the pennants upside down. Click on the mirror button to ensure that the unwanted design parts “small cuts” are gone.

Heat transfer vinyl should be placed on the mat with the shiny side down. Then, press the start button and wait for it to finish. The silhouette will cut the paper that is fed to it.

How to Create a Vinyl Pennant Flag

When finished, carefully peel away the cloth material from the silhouette and the vinyl from the carpet.

Cut triangles from your patterns with cloth. When you are done printing on the cloth, peel off the extra vinyl, leaving the letters on the clear fabric underneath.

Cut out the extra pattern you want to sew onto the pennant before sewing it on. Use felt to form triangles, circles, and boxes. You first can make samples or illustrations that  can be cut out and used as templates for other parts.

Arrange the designs on the pennants while the transparent layer is still on.

Iron in sections, enclosing each with parchment paper.

Try leaving it on for four seconds, but my iron took closer to eight.

It is complete when the vinyl clings to the felt, not the transparent plastic. Certain places required a bit of extra ironing time.

Remove the transparent plastic while still hot.

Cut out the forms using scissors, add the vinyl accents, then apply the felt shapes to the pennant with sticky glue to create extra bespoke patterns.


The felt pennant is still created in the United States. At a game, they’re still available for purchase. The majority of university bookstores continue to carry them. Since the early 1900s, there has been a great deal of change. Years of development have kept the custom baseball pennant in existence.