The Effect of Technology on Sport

As a youth, when the word sport is discussed or crosses our mind, the first thought would be the color or symbol of our sports team banner, either Manchester United, Chelsea (blues), Arsenal (Gunners) as it is commonly known. Still, the definition of sport is vast beyond this literal meaning.

Sport, to some, is known as a medium or recreation, means of fun and relaxation. In contrast, others are observed as a profit loss venture, a medium of gaining money and reputation, and projecting career objectives.

 Sport In The Early Years

The beginning of sport can be traced far back to the existence of man on earth. Early humans view sport as a form of recreation, a means of relaxation and jollification. Irrespective of their age, gender, and peer, the sport was unanimously what each civilization took ii as.

Researchers discovered that early Spartans saw fighting and killing as a means of sport; two or more individuals are usually enclosed in confinement while spectators surround them in the upper ground while placing a wager on their preferred candidate.

The individuals in confinement will be tasked to challenge each other in combat, and the last man standing from the competition would be released and rewarded.

With time, the sport mode begins to go into extinction, and more sports act like soccer, basketball, golf, wrestling, and others beginning to come into recognition.

The role of early Chinese can not be overemphasized when discussing the origin of football sport. As the sport progressed with time,  different scholars began to add and subtract how the soccer act would make it more palatable.

The English were the first to introduce rules, uniforms, handball rules, and other rules to better soccer.

In 1913, FIFA was established to serve as the world governing body of soccer. After establishing this body, the red and yellow cards rule was introduced to serve as punishment for erring players or officials.

Despite the advancement in science and technology, new rules and regulations are usually introduced to the sport for the better of the spectators.

Ancient sport is different from what we perceive sport to be nowadays, and early men used sport to serve as a medium of fitness in society. It is used to ascertain each individual’s areas of specialization,  either they fit in the military, politics, home care, or other assigned task.

Although just like the 21st-century humans, they also perceive sport as a means of entertainment. The sport’s major aim is to enhance labor division in society and project better community development.

Individuals discovered to be physically strong and good in combat are assigned to the defense of the community, intellectually sound people are placed in politics, and others are delved into the task that utmost suits their skills.

Technology In Sport

The advancement of technology has helped immensely simplify sport, create employment, and make the former assumed only fun activities to be a business venture for investors.

As generations after generations embrace the use of technological tools and their introduction into the sporting world, it has also helped improve the quality and quantity of individual performances during an event.

With the help of technology, cameras have been introduced to monitor and record sporting events, introduce soccer banner design and motto for easy identification, and show solidarity to the club or sports house.

Apart from creating employment for able bodies, the introduction of technology in this sector has massively helped reduce cheating, help officials make better decision-making and create historical memories of past sporting events.

The advancement of technology is not only in the area of soccer. It has also helped in the nutrition process of various athletes, energy building, etc. Specific technological advancement respects its required sport as it has all affect both contact and non-contact sports.

In the athletic field, technology is used to check or ascertain their athlete’s training routine and project better ways the individual can improve.

Despite the many benefits of using technology in the sporting sector, experts still believe that these gadgets have numerous disadvantages, including losing interest in a game. This equipment could reduce the pace of an ongoing game.

Also, another point of consideration is the expense. Some of this gadget is expensive to acquire and maintain, which could demoralize its usage despite its considerable importance.


The ancient sport was seen as a means of only entertainment or help to ascertain each individual’s skill. The introduction of technology has helped in the navigation of the enterprise chapter of sporting events.